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She is sorely missed

She is sorely missed

Learning lessons in life is no fun.  They take trial and effort, pain and loss, tears and courage to move on.  I am not at the point where I am ready to share the wisdom I have learned from this last round of lessons, but I read a blog from a friend this morning, that encouraged me to write just to say that along the way God is Good.

We recently lost our dog, she was a faithful companion to me, always there through good days and bad, sick or in pain, she cheered me.  Though a month has passed, I still cry as I am writing this… But God is still so good.

We have a grandson about to arrive any day now, and we are as excited as new grandparents could be!
It is my second grandchild, but my first is 13,  it is like starting all over again.

When I start feeling like I have come closer to the center of knowing God’s message through the long process I have been going through  I will share the words He gives with the hope it will save many needless steps for someone else along the way.


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